Plant Passporting

June 1, 2020

Dura-ID, in partnership with Toshiba Tec, has the solution to manage the new EU Plant Passporting Legislation.

What is the new legislation, are you ready?

New Government legislation on the movement of plants throughout the EU came into play on the 14th December 2019. In its simplest terms, this means any grower that currently moves plants within Europe will need to have a tracking system in place. This process involves registration with DEFRA and a requirement to label each plant with a passport number, territory code, quantity in consignment, plant name and description, and the EU flag - this constitutes the passport.

Whilst it might seem a bit extreme, the legislation has come into force to control disease spread, so plants can be traced back to their place of origin.

There is a tendency to think that this only applies to large scale growers but it is actually a legal requirement for anyone selling plants, from the smallest independent retailer to the largest growers. Even the largest supermarket chains will have an obligation to make sure that the plants that they are selling have the correct labelling.

At the moment, the focus is on ensuring that the registration process is being followed, but it won’t be long before DEFRA commence auditing and start imposing fines on those organisations that are not displaying the correct labels.

How can we help?

Whether completely starting from scratch, or needing to update an existing system to adhere to the new guidelines, we can recommend the best solution to work for your business.

Authorised Toshiba Tec business partner, Dura-ID - a leading supplier of labelling solutions to the Horticulture industry for more than 40 years - has developed their existing Horticulture Labelling Software to include templates to quickly and easily print labels with the additional data required for the passport legislation. Once implemented, a knowledgeable technical support team are on hand to provide training, support and guidance to help with the set-up.

As a one-stop shop, Dura-ID can provide the complete solution: software, Toshiba Tec label printers and pre-printed label stock including the Euro flag, with space for the variable data.

Why choose this solution?

With years of experience in the horticulture sector, Dura-ID understand the challenges of this marketplace and only recommend products that can withstand all types of weather, as well as the challenging conditions at the time of application.

We have partnered with Toshiba Tec to offer a reliable, robust label printer, which is perfectly designed to cope with the thickness of the plant tags giving a perfect print every time, this combined with our label stock made of durable materials and the highest quality inks and adhesives guarantees the highest quality labels for every plant. Justine Newman
General Manager of Dura-ID Solutions

The solution from Dura-ID and Toshiba is simple to use and easy to install and even provides access to a database of 14,000 plant names and descriptions, saving time and avoiding manual entry.

Whether you are a small independent operation or a large horticultural chain, don’t get caught out with a fine. Dura-ID and Toshiba have the most appropriate solution and help you get set-up quickly and easily.