Coronavirus Business Update

April 3, 2020

We would like to inform you about the latest situation regarding our operational plan to respond to the Corona Virus outbreak following yesterday’s government announcement of increased restrictions.

Firstly our prime aim is to ensure we protect the health and safety of all our employees, customers and Business Partners during this unique situation.

Production - Multifunctional Products

One of our production sites is in China and supply chain operations have been affected but following temporary restrictions, operations have resumed and are returning to normal following mandatory audit by the Chinese authorities and quarantine of returning staff for 14 days.

We will continue to monitor conditions closely working with all our suppliers & logistic providers and at this time there is no material disruption to customer expectations. We have taken steps to cover some limited short term shortages in supply of certain parts via accelerating shipments by air instead of sea. In the event of any change or further developments please rest assured that we will keep you updated accordingly.

Production - Barcode

Our production for Barcode is based in Malaysia and is currently fully operational. Spares and consumables are also in stock and available to normal timescales.

Delivery & Consumables Fulfilment

At present our carriers and warehouse providers are operating a near normal service albeit with some increased delivery times in certain circumstances. We are thus able to meet delivery schedules for machines if the recipient is open to receive the delivery.

For consumables, due to the situation around COVID-19 and an increasing number of businesses moving more of their staff to working remotely, we have made the decision to adapt our process for consumables ordering to ensure stock doesn’t get over ordered, lost or delivered to an empty building. This change of process however means, that all device users will now need to revert back to manual toner ordering rather than relying on the automatic toner replacement.

For industries, other than hospitals, care homes and prisons, alerts on devices need to be monitored. Should the device alert the user of low toner levels, a call or email needs to be placed with the consumables team at Toshiba Tec UK, to order replacement toner for the device. We will no longer be sending consumables automatically.

To contact the consumables team at Toshiba Tec UK, please either call 08430 500 400 and select the option for consumables, or please send an email to

Business Continuity

After considering how best to ensure the safety of staff and customers in these trying times and to allow the business to continue functioning as best as possible, we have decided to put in place the following measures, until further notice:

  • To close our UK offices almost entirely except for very limited essential access to support our IT systems and communication systems.
  • In support of the guidelines issued by the Government we have decided to maximise home working for our staff. These systems are already in place and have now been expanded to increase flexibility and to enable operations to continue as normally as possible.
  • All key staff have now started working from home and will only contact customers via telephone and via audio and web conferencing facilities to remove face to face meetings.
  • Further extending our ability to provide demonstrations of software from our solutions portfolio online. Demonstration facilities via remote control cameras have been set up to enable us to show the benefits of our equipment and solutions in operation to end users over the web rather than in person.
  • Installs will be completed remotely wherever possible.
  • Engineering teams remain available to support our customers many of whom are classified as essential worker industries such as supermarkets, hospitals, banks, utilities and the like. The first response will be to attempt a remote fix of any calls and only if this proves unsuccessful will we dispatch the engineer teams to site. When on site the engineers will practice social distancing and comply with any health and safety instructions from the client site.

In addition our advice to all staff, based on NHS advice is:

  • Practice the highest levels of personal hygiene.
  • Self-isolate for a period of 2 weeks if you or anyone within your social or family group start to show any symptoms.
  • Contact NHS 111 if uncertain about any of the above.
  • Stay home in accordance with the new government guidelines.

All our operations are covered by our Business Continuity Plans and Emergency Response Team planning, which is coordinated by location, and any staff absences as a result of COVID-19 would be managed in accordance with these procedures, to preserve services.

Please be assured we are working hard to deliver the best outcomes for all our staff and customers in this time.

On a practical note please see below best practice on how to clean your devices from us.

Device Cleaning

We recommend that you implement a cleaning regime for your office equipment during this time. Details of cleaning your Toshiba Multifunctional Device or printer can be found here Cleaning your Toshiba products.

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