Dealer Spotlight Q&A: DOCEX360

July 16, 2018

Toshiba Authorised Business Partner: DOCEX360
Interviewee: Stuart Rogers, Director

Q: What attracted you to working with Toshiba?
A: We have watched Toshiba’s market share grow over the years thanks to its unique offering of high-speed scanning. Toshiba was the first company in the market to implement this and it very much helps to improve both workflows and document management. We were also very impressed with the very high level of encryption and security used in Toshiba products, which has now become even more important with the recent implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements. Another reason we were attracted to Toshiba is that the company has a fantastic team, the members of which are always helpful and responsive. We actually met the helpdesk team right at the start of our relationship with Toshiba, and it was easy to see that they were dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

A more mundane but nevertheless important factor is that, in our experience, many businesses struggle with toner supply but this is never the case with Toshiba. Thanks to its on-site ordering system, Toshiba users never risk running out of supplies. Business continuity is what every company strives for, and we’re very happy to be able to help them achieve it.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about DOCEX360 and the product portfolio it covers?
A: We have about 50 years of combined experience in document solutions and we structured the company with three directors, all having equal involvement, heading up the management team. We’re all local people with young families and very busy lives. Our location gives us easy access to London and the South but we are happy to support businesses anywhere in the country.

I personally have spent 20 years in the print and IT sector delivering bespoke solutions focused on helping clients to reduce costs and improve working efficiencies.

Fellow director Ben Coughlan is passionate about helping organisations move to technology platforms that are aligned with their corporate vision and strategy. Like all of us, he is customer focused and puts a strong emphasis on service and long-term business partnerships.

We also have another Ben on the board. Ben Hall is his name – and he specialises in helping organisations to move out of the tired way of working with information and documents, demonstrating there is a better and more efficient way of seamlessly linking workflow. His passion is inventing new, more powerful and more profitable ways for business leaders to harness technology within the workplace.

We use a lot of independent data to drive our value proposition and we divide our management print philosophy into three key areas – output and device management, business document automation and IT services. Our company name, DOCEX360, refers to our 360-degree holistic approach to all document management areas: e-mails, invoices, paper mail.

We provide genuinely customer-focused solutions based on reducing costs while improving efficiency and productivity, and we support these solutions with our own IT helpdesk. The helpdesk adopts a proactive approach to monitoring performance and customer sites, and resolving issues before they become problematic.

Q: What has been your favourite project in the last twelve months?
A: The project that really made an impression on me was for a healthcare organisation that had an issue with storing patient information. This data has to be retained for insurance purposes for more than fifty years but, as it was on paper, it was becoming difficult to store and retrieve it because the paper was kept in boxes that were located wherever space was available around the office. We helped our customer to scan the documents, which made the job fast and easy while also minimising disruption. Our solution saved valuable office space and now staff can retrieve any data they need at the touch of a button. The machine we provided was a Toshiba e-STUDIO2505AC, which cut costs by 40%.

The education sector is also very interesting and we have worked with a number of local schools that want print suppression and reduced expenses. Some of the schools are even looking at providing digital devices for students to work with, further diminishing their reliance on printed paper.

Q: How do you see the industry changing over the next few years?
A: A big change we’ve already seen this year is the GDPR, which came into force in May 2018. Over the next few years we expect to have a continuing role in supporting our customers’ GDPR-related activities, particularly by helping them to achieve the highest levels of security and authentication.

Another area we see developing in the future is mobile printing. People will require more flexibility and devices that support the need to work in fast-paced environments. Adaptability will also continue to be a key issue, with suppliers increasingly finding it necessary to be deft in devising and implementing new strategies.

Q: What can we expect from DOCEX360 in the next year?
A: DOCEX360 is a relatively new player in the market and we believe also a very agile one. This year we will promote our offer more widely, show ourselves ready to take on even tougher challenges, and achieve growth in both market share and profitability. A new office and new acquisitions are also definitely on the cards, so watch this space!


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