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  • Innovation is manifesting new value, not implementing ‘new’ for the sake of ‘new’

Innovation is manifesting new value, not implementing ‘new’ for the sake of ‘new’

May 25, 2018

If the next transformational technology is AI, the evolution is complex yet gradual. There will be new jobs to offset those which have been lost and work will be done more efficiently with AI.

Small and midsize businesses often view the rise of data everywhere as a reality that they can’t live with or without. Some leaders argue that access to sophisticated analytics and massive volumes of data offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to out-compete every rival, large and small. Meanwhile, others still believe that to implement and integrate new platforms and solutions requires more talent, time and money than they have available.

While both sides of the debate have their points, growing companies need to find common ground to move forward and get the most value from their data. Traditional spreadsheets, dashboards, and reporting templates are not cutting it in a world where constant evolution is the rule, employees work anywhere, and first-mover advantage can mean the difference between profit gain and revenue loss.

This is innovation. Real innovation. Allowing continuous connection between transactional systems and analytics tools, consistently instant access to the right tools, a secure environment available to the entire business network and a wise future-facing approach to decision making.

“Firefight and problem-solve or problem-prevent and prosper?”

“No one wanted the internet before they understood the apps - we need to understand business needs before they can understand the tech”.

Tailored AI Solutions

So, you like the sound of AI’s capabilities and you want to find out more. But wait. Don’t rush into anything. The best AI solution is the one that’s tailored to your business needs.

As a business services specialist, we can build a solution that meets your initial requirements and continues to learn as you evolve – helping you save money and resources along the way. Now is the time to find out more! 

Want to see our solutions first hand? Why not visit us on Stand 350 at The AI Summit London on 13-14 June 2018

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