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  • Toshiba TEC showcases its process automation solutions at The AI Summit

Toshiba TEC showcases its process automation solutions at The AI Summit

May 23, 2018

Toshiba TEC has announced that it will be exhibiting at The AI Summit, which takes place on 13th-14th June at The ExCeL, London. The company will use the event to highlight how it is utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to solve many of the problems facing businesses today.

Now in its third year, The AI Summit is the world’s first and largest conference and exhibition to look at the practical implications of AI for enterprise organisations, and the solutions that are transforming business productivity. With in excess of 1,500 people expected to attend, visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about how Toshiba TEC is committed to providing its customers with integrated digital transformation solutions that solve some of the common problems experienced by modern organisations.

AI increases the speed and productivity of mundane and repetitive tasks by taking all the data from the different facets of a business and processing it with ease. It is set to revolutionise business operations and, according to Adobe1), while only 15 per cent of enterprises are using AI at the moment, 31 per cent have it on the agenda for the next 12 months. Furthermore, research conducted by PwC discovered that company bosses believe AI is going to be fundamental in the future, with 72 per cent describing it as a ‘business advantage’.

At The AI Summit, Toshiba TEC will showcase its AI Platform – a cognitive software solution that is capable of integrating/working with many different streams of information including printed documents, social media, electronic files and databases, and even other physical devices. AI Platform optimises business processes and helps organisations make better and faster decisions, by automatically locating, and processing specific types of information through the use of self-generated workflows.

Simon Coulson, Head of Corporate Sales at Toshiba TEC, explained, ‘By automating or simply removing, repetitive time-consuming tasks, workforces can focus on more productive and profitable activities. For example, AI Platform can analyse, understand and deal with invoices in a fraction of the time that it would take to do it manually, while emails can be processed en-masse, by handling some replies automatically or fielding others to the correct personnel’.

AI Platform allows one platform to be used to manage all business processes, which amounts to a rapid return on investment (ROI) and a solution that saves time, money and resources while improving the quality and consistency of customer interactions.

Across its worldwide customer base AI Platform has achieved cost reductions of up to 30 per cent, it has the ability to answer 25 per cent of consumer questions automatically, and has even created a 140 per cent increase in online sales using chat assistance for one organisation. In addition, another enterprise has seen a 12 per cent decline in email volume due to faster response handling, while for another customer 40 per cent of its cases are now completed automatically without human assistance.

‘AI is not only a significant factor in the automation of work processes, it will also determine the future of the workplace by making precise decisions and imitating the human mind, as well as any resulting behaviour,’ concluded Simon Coulson. ‘Our AI solutions put us at the forefront of next-generation process optimisation and overcomes the potential chaos caused by events such as incoming emails, customer service requests and back office actions. I’m looking forward to welcoming visitors to Stand 350 at The AI Summit, where our team of experts will be available to talk through the features and benefits of our cutting-edge innovations and discuss the advantages of working with us’.

1) The AI Summit is not authorised, endorsed or sponsored by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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