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  • Evolution not revolution - what is dramatic about simply systemising good practise?

Evolution not revolution - what is dramatic about simply systemising good practise?

May 18, 2018

Surveys show that 77 percent of CEOs believe AI and automation is a primary driver that will increase disruption and vulnerability to the way they do business. It is crucial to change how companies work in 2018.

Companies should consider where to make meaningful investments in automation, embedding AI and the semi-autonomous workforce in their workplace when creating an evolutionary plan. AI is not a revolution in which everything will change in a year’s time. Instead, companies need to consider their evolutionary plan, and that plan should be thought of in segments.

Forward-thinking organisations can break down segments or silos that separate AI data into employees and cartels to isolated units. A business can also begin workforce upskilling to meet the requirements of AI and digital technologies - it won’t just teach new skills, it will teach a new mindset that emphasises collaboration with co-workers — and with AI.

Augmenting human productivity is the bottom-line result of AI. Not creating entirely new industries which will be much further into the future.

AI for business will:

  • Automate processes too complex for older technologies.
  • Identify trends in historical data to create business trends and inform business strategy.
  • Provide forward-looking intelligence to strengthen.

Tailored AI Solutions

So, you like the sound of AI’s capabilities and you want to find out more. But wait. Don’t rush into anything. The best AI solution is the one that’s tailored to your business needs.

As a business services specialist, we can build a solution that meets your initial requirements and continues to learn as you evolve – helping you save money and resources along the way. Now is the time to find out more! 

Want to see our solutions first hand? Why not visit us on Stand 350 at The AI Summit London on 13-14 June 2018

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