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Mobilise your work force with Toshiba portable solutions

July 27, 2017

For today’s businesses, speed, efficiency, and freedom from errors are important goals. And, in very many cases, effective labelling is the key to achieving these goals.

In the fast-evolving sector for mobile printing devices, the most innovative player has captured a significant portion of the global market. Today’s mobile solutions currently integrate Bluetooth and wireless connectivity and support both label and receipt printing

Mobile printing solutions can support a wide range of markets and applications including:

  • Retail for price markdown, shelf-edge labelling, queue busting and promotional printing.
  • Logistics for the printing of shipping labels, receipts and despatch documentation. 
  • Healthcare for pharmacy labelling, document and lab sample tracking. 
  • Commercial services for hand-held service sales, on the go printing, and ticketing. 

Companies in the logistics sector, for example, are under pressure to meet customer demands for ever-faster deliveries. Their goods departments have to manage increasingly large warehouses and keep track the status of every item, whilst also eliminating errors.

With the migration and reliance on mobile devices we see in everyday life now being mirrored in the workplace, businesses look to streamline processes and maximise efficiencies and there is an ever-increasing need for labels and receipts to be printed quickly and efficiently on the move.  Businesses are looking to incorporate intelligent handheld devices, durable labels and receipts that can be produced anywhere, anytime, at the touch of a button whilst integrating with their existing systems.

Portable printers are not limited to the warehouse and are already being used by traffic wardens, security operatives in airports, hospitality workers, and healthcare practitioners. In fact, the printers offer a convenient and dependable solution for any mobile employee who has a need for labelling and receipt printing in a fast-moving environment.

Available in 2, 3 and 4-inch versions, Toshiba printers are easy and intuitive to operate.

The user-friendly screen displays the label counter, battery charge level, wireless signal strength and error messages. Having a large media capacity for their size with quick and simple media loading, the printers offer flexible connectivity via USB 2.0 and IrDA infrared as standard, in addition to the Bluetooth and wireless LAN support.

Benefitting from ultra-compact and contemporary rugged design, handheld printers feature rugged construction: they have resistant rubber corners and pass a 1.8 m drop test on to concrete. Furthermore, the external ports are furnished with rubber inserts to protect them from liquid spills and moisture ingress. For use in particularly demanding environments, IP54-rated carry cases that provide enhanced protection against dust and water ingress are available as an option.

Superior print speed, in conjunction with 'peel and present' labelling, offers further improved workflow, speed and reliability. Moreover, these innovative printers offer large media capacity with quick and simple media loading and, as the label rolls have no cores, there is very little waste. A linerless kit, which produces labels without backing paper, can be used to reduce waste even further.

A high endurance lithium-ion battery provides many hours of operation from each charge. Users can remove the battery for external recharging or charge it inside the printer using an optional adaptor. The battery can be fully charged in two hours with 80% charged capacity within just one hour. For on-the-road applications, a car-charging adapter (12 V input) is available while for warehouse applications there's a DC adapter (48 V input) for charging from a forklift.

Versatile and easy to use, the latest range of handheld label and receipt printers can help you streamline your operations, reduce costly errors and send savings straight to your bottom line!

Dave Solomons, Sales Manager

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