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  • Seeing Double: big savings for your in-house printing operations

Seeing Double: big savings for your in-house printing operations

May 10, 2017

We live in a world where goods move faster than ever and consumers expect products to reach them in a matter of hours after placing an order.

Interestingly, here in the UK, we are the biggest online spenders in the world. We use the Internet for 15.6% of our total retail purchasing, followed by China (13.8%), Norway (11.5%), Finland (10.8%%) and South Korea (10.5%).
(Source: Invespcro)

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), as at February 2017, online sales in the UK have increased year-on-year by 20.7% and by 3.3% on the month. In February 2017 the average weekly spending online was £1.0 billion - an increase of 20.7% compared with February 2016.
(Source: ONS)

With millions of products being despatched each week, online retailers have to guarantee prompt and accurate delivery of their goods if they are to build an excellent reputation and consolidate their customer base. 

That’s why including the correct documentation with each order is vital – and speed is of the essence. Innovations like Toshiba’s Duplex Thermal Printer have emerged as the ideal option for busy logistics environments where operations managers need to speed up the packaging and despatch processes, while also saving money on ink and paper.

Toshiba’s dual-headed printers can produce documentation in a matter of seconds and significantly reduce the time taken for the despatch process compared with laser printers. They also provide a significant improvement in reliability and reduce the potential for ‘down time’ as well as helping to cut your carbon footprint and lower the total cost of printer ownership.

Instead of printing each despatch note and label individually, they print on both sides of a duplex thermal label simultaneously. Tying the documentation together and eliminating errors.

A shipping label on the front with the reverse side used for contents of the package, returns information and labels can also be included. This makes the documentation tamperproof, increasing customer confidence and reducing claims for lost, tampered and mislabelled packages.

At only 22 cm high, with a 20 cm x 24 cm footprint, Toshiba’s duplex printer not only improves efficiency, but also saves precious warehouse and workbench space.
And – there are no inks or toners to worry about, so you’ll never have the headache of disposing of empty toner cartridges.

“All this sounds great,” you may be thinking, “but will these printers talk to my in-house systems?” Yes, they will! The printer’s on board GDI (graphic data interface) has a Windows driver for seamless integration with warehouse management systems, without the need for middleware.

Intelligent, robust, reliable and with a small footprint – a new Toshiba Duplex Thermal Printer could quickly become your favourite employee!

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