Make the most of your carbon offsetting

December 14, 2016

Congratulations! By taking part in the Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme you are already making a difference by investing in devices which have been offset from parts procurement through to delivery. It’s a great achievement, so you don’t want to let it go to waste. Take advantage of your participation in the scheme and raise awareness of what you’re doing, it could help promote you as an environmentally conscious organisation.

Make the most of the Toshiba Carbon assets – the Toshiba Carbon Zero logo is already on your device to show that it’s been offset. But, that’s not the only place you can show it off. You can use the logo and other associated assets in any materials you wish throughout the duration of your contract with Toshiba. For example, this could be in email banners, page headers, presentations and much more. Show off that your devices have been carbon offset.

For further information and guidelines on logo use, please contact your Toshiba representative.

Don’t forget you can get a personalised impact report from Toshiba TEC UK and CO2balance showing how much carbon you’ve offset with your devices and the impact your contribution has made to project recipients.

Create a ‘green’ section on your website. Make some noise about what your company is doing (including your contribution to the Carbon Zero Scheme). People would love to see what you’ve been up to and how your efforts are really making a difference. You can use the Carbon Zero assets, further to this, Toshiba can provide imagery and supporting text around the projects you’re contributing towards.

Make sure that your stakeholders know what you’ve done by including your offsetting efforts in organisation communications; for example: annual reports, newsletters, staff bulletins and much more.

Tell your staff about your carbon neutral fleet. Let them know that they are working for an ethical organisation with strong corporate social responsibilities, especially your sales teams, so that they can include a snapshot in their presentations and pitches. It really could open doors.

Include the Toshiba Carbon Zero assets and other collateral in your tenders – many companies now ask for details on your organisations environmental efforts and other CSR programmes when starting the bid process. So, let them know about the real impact you are making through your participation in the Carbon Zero Scheme and everything else you are doing (you could even do a bespoke project with the Carbon Zero Scheme!). Include bespoke statistics from your offset report alongside images and case studies to really hit it home.

For further information on the Carbon Zero Scheme click here.  Alternatively please contact your Toshiba representative.