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Toshiba Authorised Business Partner Q&A: Sharples Group

November 18, 2016

Welcome to the start of our series of Q&As with our Authorised Business Partner network. These Q&As provide our dealers with a platform to showcase their expertise and successes.

In our first in a series of Dealer Spotlight Q&As we talk to Mark Brocklehurst, Managing Director of the Sharples Group.

Mark Brocklehurst - Profile Picture

Established in 1977, Sharples Group is a successful, award-winning, independent office equipment company based in the North West of England.
 With a highly experienced and fully trained team of experts, Sharples Group specialises in Managed Print Services and Document Workflow Automation and Management.


1. How long have you been a Toshiba dealer?
30 years

2. Can you tell us a little bit of the role of a Toshiba dealer?
With Toshiba being such a globally recognisable brand we don’t need to establish the credibility of our offering with our customers. It’s almost a given that a product from Toshiba with their pedigree in technology and solutions will do the job. If you couple this with our 39-year history and 30 years partnership with Toshiba it carries with it a great deal of authority.

3. What do you think are the benefits of being a Toshiba dealer?
Aside from a fantastic reputation and the backing of a global leader we deal on a day-to-day basis with great people. Our account manager has been looking after us for 20+ years; this means he knows how we work and how we think and how best to help. This relationship carries on through the team whether it be in service, support, administration or whatever, our team works well with their counterparts; it’s an all round effective team.

4. By working with Toshiba what has been your favourite project so far?
The standout project for me is, without a doubt, the Carbon Zero initiative. To be able to contribute positively to the environment every time we place a new Toshiba device is very rewarding. Knowing and sharing with a customer that their choice will benefit those less fortunate than themselves in the third world is very powerful. If you back this up with solid environmental data in bespoke reports it helps demonstrate how together we can make a difference.

5. How do you see the industry changing over the next five years?
We are living in such exciting times and changes are unfolding daily in front of our eyes. I see a much wider acceptance of digital information over traditional print as its adopted in both the office and home. This brings tremendous opportunities for businesses like Sharples and Toshiba, who can enable technology to streamline data into simple, user-friendly processes that ease information overload. That being said any thoughts that paper will disappear within the next five years is poppycock, there is a generation thing going on here and culture changes are notoriously slow.

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