Coffee with Toshiba

July 8, 2019

18th July | What does digital transformation mean to you?

Are you losing valuable time through time-consuming, laborious processes?

We all have to deal with many document processes that are critical to our company's success, and a document management system could help lighten the load, freeing up your time for higher value tasks. 

This session, we'll delve into the topic of digital transformation and how this can support the optimisation of processes. Want to know more, then why not join us for a coffee?

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About Coffee with Toshiba

We're building a community of businesses in London. Whether you work for a small start-up or large corporation, if you have an office in or around London, you are more than welcome to join us at our office in the City of London.

On the third Thursday of every month, we'll be running 'Coffee with Toshiba' - a breakfast morning where will meet for tea/coffee and a pastry or two, providing you with an opportunity to network with your business peers. Each month, we'll also focus on a topic and provide a brief overview of our industry knowledge and insight - we're also open to ideas for discussion and for our guests to present if that's of interest too.

If you'd like to find out a little more about what we do, as well as meet with businesses in your local area, then why not come along? For more information click here.