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  • Toshiba TEC’s direct sales team sets the standard with APS Professional Registration

Toshiba TEC’s direct sales team sets the standard with APS Professional Registration

September 18, 2017

Toshiba TEC, the leading Business Services company, has highlighted its dedication to ethical behaviour with its entire direct sales team achieving Professional Registration with the Association of Professional Sales (APS). This is the latest demonstration of the company’s commitment to the highest professional standards – something it firmly believes offers significant competitive advantages, as well as enhancing its brand values.

Almost three million people work in sales in the UK – it represents one of the largest employment categories in the economy, yet is often the most undervalued and under-represented. The APS brings together sales leaders, professionals and academics operating at the forefront of the sales profession. Formed in 2012 and incorporated as a not for profit entity in 2014, it is designed to represent sales as a profession to governments, buyers and customers. Its ultimate objective is to create a global Chartered Institute of Sales by 2020 in order to deliver a professional body that is regarded with the same respect and standing as other professional organisations.

Ben Gaston, sales director at Toshiba TEC, commented, ‘Those who join the APS commit to join a community that advances and promotes excellence in the sales profession by displaying integrity, credibility and a genuine interest in helping customers obtain the right solutions for their business problems. While any sales professional can join the APS, I wanted our direct sales team to be able to differentiate themselves from our competition by undergoing Professional Registration. This shows, through external independent verification, that we put trust, decency and ethics at the centre of our sales based activities.’

As a result of this initiative, all members of the Toshiba TEC direct sales team have now achieved Professional Registration status. Delegates had to undertake a rigorous 40 question, 40-minute exam with only three attempts to pass being allowed. Not only does Professional Registration offer corporate benefits for Toshiba TEC, for the individuals involved this status will help develop their careers through an ability to network with likeminded professionals, and gain access to best practice techniques and thought leadership from some of the world’s most esteemed sales professionals.

To mark Toshiba TEC’s outstanding achievement, it has been presented with an Investor in Sales Award from the APS. Andrew Hough, Chief Executive Officer of the APS, said, ‘Toshiba TEC is a valued and respected member of the APS and we both hold the view that ethics, career development and treating sales as a profession are vital in order to give this profession the credibility it deserves. The fact that Ben saw fit to encourage the whole of Toshiba TEC’s direct sales team to undertake and pass the Professional Registration exam is testament to the sales attitude at the company. I hope that their achievements will inspire others to do likewise and share their commitment to operating to the same high standards.’

Toshiba TEC are presented with the APS Investor in Sales Award 

Graham Smith, Relationship Director (APS), Ben Gaston, Sales Director (Toshiba), Andy Hough (CEO) and some members of our direct sales team