Manufacturer of the Year Finalist

July 8, 2016

BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2016 FinalistThe BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2016 are open to any manufacturer that has embraced and promoted green best practices, slashing its environmental impacts in the process. The judges are looking for manufacturers who have deployed the latest innovative clean technologies and take proactive steps to enhance the efficiency and improve the environmental performance of their operations.

Toshiba TEC's Carbon Zero Scheme was put forward as an example of of their green projects and commitment to helping the development of the wider green economy.

Green issues are undisputedly at the top of the business agenda. At Toshiba TEC we are committed to the environment and with the help of carbon offsetting experts CO2balance we have devised a scheme where we can offset the carbon footprint of your Toshiba TEC MFP.

Carbon Offsetting allows for the investment in projects that save the emission of, or absorb, an equivalent amount of CO2 to that of your MFP footprint. Through this process the emissions are balanced to become “Carbon Zero,” which allows for positive printing and copying with no detrimental effect on the environment.

The Toshiba TEC Carbon Zero Scheme will offset several tonnes of Carbon from the MFP footprint alone. Toshiba TEC is supporting a number of Projects in the UK and Developing World to help offset this Carbon.

Business Green Leaders Awards 2016 - Shortlist
Manufacturer of the Year

Alara Wholefoods
Bonar Yarns & Fabrics Ltd
Freedom Brewery
Kingspan Insulated Panels
Kyocera Document Solutions
Tetra Pak
Toshiba TEC UK
Toyota Material Handling Europe

About the Awards:

The BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2016 will bring together over 600 executives, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, and campaigners to celebrate the green economy's most exciting and innovative achievements from the past 12 months.

In the wake of the historic Paris Agreement, the pressure on the business community to forge a path towards a genuinely low carbon and sustainable economy has never been greater. The theme of this year's awards is making the Paris Agreement a reality. That is not to say we only want entries from those working on climate change solutions, far from it. But we do want to hear from those businesses, NGOs, and executives who are working, day in, day out, to turn global sustainability pledges into an economic and commercially-viable reality.

Now in their sixth year, the UK's largest and most prestigious green business awards promise to be bigger than ever as the green business community comes together once again to showcase how a cleaner, healthier, and more productive economy is not just possible - it is already being built.