Toshiba introduces 8 new print devices to support evolving business needs

October 16, 2023

From smaller to larger workgroups, organisations can look forward to enhanced productivity, convenience, and security with the release of Toshiba’s new A4 printing systems. They don’t just deliver ease of use and mobile access, but also enhanced data security to provide protection and peace of mind for users. Low-energy operation and durable design make the new models a sound investment for businesses, with a device to suit every requirement.

  • 4 monochrome models consisting of 3 multifunction systems (MFPs) and 1 printer, delivering productivity at speeds of up to 47 pages per minute (ppm)
  • 4 colour models consisting of 3 MFPs and 1 printer, offering a maximum output of 50 ppm
  • A lineup designed to support business processes in today’s flexible working environments

The e-STUDIO409AS is an advanced MFP with a monochrome output of up to 40 ppm, delivering exceptional reliability and value for money for smaller workgroups. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, the device is app-ready, cloud-ready, and mobile printing enabled.

The e-STUDIO449S, e-STUDIO479S, e-STUDIO479P are powerful monochrome systems, printing high-quality documents at a speed of up to 47 ppm. Time-saving functionalities are available across all three models, for a cost-effective operation.

The e-STUDIO339CS, e-STUDIO409CS, e-STUDIO409CP are outstanding colour systems, offering scalability and versatility for small-to-mid sized workgroups. They deliver reliable, high-quality output at speeds of up to 40 ppm, with simple printing or multifunctional capability. Users can leverage smart features for greater, uninterrupted productivity, such as the ability to print up to 2000 black-and-white pages even after your colour toner has depleted.

The e-STUDIO509CS delivers professional-quality output in vibrant colours and sharp definition, at speeds of up to 50 ppm. An ideal MFP for mid-to-large sized teams, additional functionalities like a Dual Scan Document Feeder (DSDF) with Double Feed Detection help to ensure that document handling is accurate and swift.

All new models packed with productivity features

All models deliver steady and reliable performance, impeccable print quality, and flexible functionality for distributed workers. Each device has a sleek, minimalistic, black and white exterior, complimented by intuitive touchscreen panels ranging from a small LCD display all the way to a large, 10-inch customisable user-interface for improved accessibility. They support the most widespread mobile printing standards in the market (Mopria, AirPrint) so users can seamlessly print from their mobile devices without having to install individual printer drivers.

The newly released MFPs are cloud enabled and app-ready, offering direct connection to cloud services, such as Microsoft SharePoint, for easy access to documents stored in the cloud. For enhanced productivity, they also come witha DSDF as standard which enables both sides of documents to be scanned simultaneously, for seamless document handling at exceptional speed.

Protecting data and privacy

Across all Toshiba print devices, data security is a top priority. They are designed to master complex and evolving threats, satisfying security requirements, and preventing unauthorised access to protect your confidential data. The new releases are each equipped with security features such as the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM 2.0) for an additional layer of security. TPM 2.0 authenticates user authorisation, performs system integrity checks, and has cryptographic capabilities to create a unique digital system footprint. Self-encrypting drives offer comprehensive, hardware-level security against third party access, ensuring that data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Not only does it ensure a high level of protection within your organisation, but it also enables businesses to comply with stringent data security requirements and standards.

Eco-friendliness and resource efficiency

To enable your organisation to further reduce its ecological footprint and comply with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) demands of many customers and partners, Toshiba has equipped the printing systems with eco-friendly and low-CO2 emissions properties. Duplex printing is standard, letting you save paper and money. Efficient and long-lasting toner is also integrated as well as auto energy-save mode. The series complies fully with the latest emissions standards.

The devices are built for long-term, consistent and reliable performance, as well as scalability and compatibility. Every hardware component is engineered to withstand intensive usage and can be maintained with a small number of tools, while steel frames within the housings provide stability and durability to support consistent service. Long-life machines mean less electronic waste and associated emissions, and an enhanced cost-benefit ratio.

Devices to meet today’s business challenges

“Toshiba are delighted to announce the release of the new A4 printing systems, each delivering incredible quality, performance, and data security for users,” explains Product Marketing Manager, Deyon Antoine. “With four colour and four monochrome machines, a choice of MFP or printer, and scalability options to suit all requirements, organisations will find their ideal device in these new releases. Durable design and consistent output ensure maximum reliability, while convenient touchscreens, mobile capability and time-saving features deliver productivity to meet the demands of busy teams.”

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