Toshiba expands its new generation multifunctional printer line-up

May 16, 2023

With two more series of models in the e-STUDIO multifunctional printer line-up, Toshiba provides enhanced levels of reliability, productivity, and cloud security to meet the needs of demanding companies and workgroups. The new additions – six models in total – include one of Toshiba’s fastest printers to date, with an output of 90 pages per minute.

The e-STUDIO7527AC colour series and e-STUDIO9029A monochrome series
comprise three models each, to meet a wide range of high-volume printing and document management needs, with the latest technologies. In organisations where only the fastest is fast enough, the e-STUDIO9029A series is the solution of choice: the multifunctional printer (MFP) delivers monochrome documents at the breath-taking speed of 90 pages per minute (ppm). Not far behind, the e-STUDIO7527AC series offers colour printing at a speed of up to 75 ppm and 85 ppm in mono mode. Both model families produce document formats up to A3 in impeccable detail.

Smart and convenient design

The new MFP models all feature a premium look and feel. To meet the needs of larger organisations, all the new devices deliver optimum productivity, capable of printing large volumes efficiently. They also come with external large-capacity feeders that can hold up to 4,500 sheets, to increase the total paper capacity up to 8,020 sheets. In addition, they are equipped with a high-speed dual-side document feeder (DSDF) with double-feed detection which saves time by scanning up to 240 impressions per minute. The DSDF uses innovative ultrasonic technology to stop the scanner when it detects that multiple pages have been fed at the same time, to prevent missing pages and eliminate the need for manual checking.

Designed for lower energy consumption, the devices conveniently go into sleep or super-sleep mode when not in use. What’s more, thanks to Motion Sensor technology, they can wake up the moment a user approaches, so there is no waiting around.

For an enhanced user experience, the devices are equipped with a newly designed large and adaptable touch-screen user interface (UI) of 26 cm (10.1”), offering a similar experience to that of using a tablet. As well as a customisable interface, users can choose additional features and functionalities that further ensure convenience and boost productivity both inside and outside of the busy office environment. Toshiba’s range of e-BRIDGE Plus apps, offer additional connectivity, helping further enhance document handling and automate workflows.

Built for today’s workstyles

To improve productivity in line with today’s distributed/hybrid workplaces, some of the models’ functions can be operated remotely. When support is needed users can authorise technicians to remotely access e-STUDIO MFPs via the built-in e-BRIDGE Remote Assist, and carry out diagnostics and adjustments, reducing the need and frequency of onsite service calls.
With the devices being cloud-ready, future-proofing options can be installed on the new models; Toshiba’s cloud printing solutions, for example, enable secure cloud-based printing from any location, and printouts can be collected at any enabled device.

Secure data management

The devices use a self-encrypting solid-state drive to always maintain secure and fast data storage. What’s more, they are equipped with industry-leading, hardware-based data security known as Trusted Platform Module 2.0, which utilises upgraded cryptographic keys to safeguard all data on Toshiba MFPs. Integrated anti-malware functionalities further help to protect against security threats like malicious software, while end-to-end encryption ensures that documents are protected even when printing via the cloud. Lastly, controlled access via ID cards, biometrics or PINs helps to maintain secure yet simple user access and print release.


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