What makes great service? Part 2 | Proactive Service

There are two parts to great service: Customer Relationships and the Service Delivery. In this second article, Service Director, Nicole Schlögl, looks at proactive service delivery.

What makes great service? | Part 1 - Customer Relationships

In this first of two articles, Service Director, Nicole Schlögl, focuses on customer relationships and how they are a key factor in delivering a great service

Confronting change in the retail sector: how to succeed with the right solutions

With the retail landscape rapidly changing, investing in the right technology will help deliver superior customer experiences that keep people returning time and time again, as well as delivering efficiencies for back-office environments.

Press Release | Toshiba’s latest desktop printer range: BV400D series

Toshiba Tec introduces the BV400D desktop printer series, incorporating Toshiba’s most advanced technology housed in the sleekest of case designs for the ultimate user experience.

Digital Transformation – an unforeseen benefit of Covid-19

Managing Director, Martin Langridge, looks at how digital transformation has flourished as a result of the pandemic.