Dealer Spotlight Q&A: DOCEX360

We are continuing our series of Dealer Spotlight Q&As with an insightful interview with Stuart Rogers, Director of DOCEX360, a managed IT services provider offering print, software, workflow management, storage solutions and support. Located in Horsham, West Sussex, DOCEX360 has a national reach and a strongly customer-centric business philosophy.

Innovation is manifesting new value, not implementing ‘new’ for the sake of ‘new’

If the next transformational technology is AI, the evolution is complex yet gradual. There will be new jobs to offset those which have been lost and work will be done more efficiently with AI.

Toshiba TEC showcases its process automation solutions at The AI Summit

Toshiba TEC has announced that it will be exhibiting at The AI Summit, which takes place on 13th-14th June at The ExCeL. The company will use the event to highlight how it is utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to solve many of the problems facing businesses today.

Evolution not revolution - what is dramatic about simply systemising good practise?

Surveys show that 77 percent of CEOs believe AI and automation is a primary driver that will increase disruption and vulnerability to the way they do business. It is crucial to change how companies work in 2018.

Automation: What would your job be like without the mundane bits?

Staff are overstretched, leaving them little time free to do the jobs they were hired to do. Wouldn’t it be great if someone – or something – could just take care of all the mundane stuff?