Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Printing: What’s better for your business?

Tony Morrison, Consumables Manager for Toshiba Tec, admits that choosing between Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal printing can be tricky. On one hand, Direct Thermal printing doesn’t require a ribbon and therefore offers a lower cost on consumables but weighing up the pros and cons of each printing style - on most occasions - Thermal Transfer would offer a more suitable solution.

Best Foot Forward

The Cateran Yomp – a military term for a long distance march – is the largest and toughest event of its kind, and one of Toshiba's very own is taking on the 54-mile challenge across the Scottish Cairngorm Mountains!

Article 25 host Summer Benefit at Battersea

Transform Your Finance Workflow

Why switching from a manual paper-based process to a Document Management System could save you time and money.

Toshiba Launches fast Rotary Cutter for Popular B-EX6T1 Printer

Introducing the availability of a new high-speed rotary cutter option for its B-EX6T1 printers