Toshiba launches new generation of multifunctional printers

September 19, 2022

The latest update to three model lines of e-STUDIO multifunction printers offers enhanced convenience, connectivity and energy-saving features. Simultaneously, the new functionalities do not come at the expense of security; access and login restrictions, as well as anti-malware technology and remote technical support, make the systems just as secure and reliable as they are easy to use.

The new product line offers larger and smaller operations a broad spectrum of options in terms of specific features, output speed and cost-effectiveness.

Both clientele that need to produce high print runs and those looking for exceptionally sharp and appealing image quality at lower print speeds, will find solutions that meet their needs and preferences.

All three of the series produce documents up to A3 size. The e-STUDIO6525AC and e-STUDIO2520AC model families print in vibrant colours, whereas the e-STUDIO6528A series produces documents in monochrome.

Smarter printing

A key focus of the update is the integration of intelligent features that address the challenges of contemporary workspaces, workflows and styles - both stationary and remote - driven by a specially developed Toshiba controller and utilising a self-encrypting solid-state drive for secure and fast data storage.

The multifunctional printing (MFP) systems are cloud-ready and can connect to main cloud storage and printing services, such as Microsoft OneDrive and Universal Print.

Remote operability also extends to maintenance with the Remote Assistant Service. Users no longer have to rely on an on-site technician, as the necessary settings and updates are performed remotely, so that daily operations can continue without interruption.

All systems feature a redesigned, large and adaptable user interface. The 26 cm (10.1") tablet-style touchscreen with integrated web browser is easy to use and fully customisable. It’s designed to enable automated workflows, including integration with third-party solutions.

The e-STUDIO6525AC colour MFPs and their monochrome counterparts, the e-STUDIO6528A systems, manage up to 65 ppm (pages per minute), making them extremely fast. To keep up with this speed, the e-STUDIO6525AC and e-STUDIO6528A can be equipped with external high-capacity feeders that hold up to 2,000 additional sheets.

The e-STUDIO2520AC series manages up to 25 ppm; ideal for clients that need outstanding colour printing quality, but not necessarily the highest possible volume within a given time frame.

Both series feature a dual-scan function and double-feed detection that automatically detects when multiple pages are accidentally fed at once. This feature saves time and ensures that all originals are digitised.

Convenience and energy efficiency

To reduce energy consumption, the units go into sleep or super-sleep mode when not in use, but without sacrificing convenience or efficiency. The e-STUDIO5525AC and e-STUDIO6525AC have built-in motion sensors that wake the systems on-the-spot from super-sleep mode when a user approaches to within a certain distance (depending on the model and the settings). The user interface provides resource consumption information, supporting and encouraging an environmentally friendly operation.

Data security

Staff access can be managed with ID cards that users simply swipe. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM, version 2.0) provides comprehensive protection against third party access to data. Toshiba has increased security even further, for example with an anti-malware function.

Short summary

From the high print quality e-STUDIO2520AC series to the ultra-high speed e-STUDIO6525AC and e-STUDIO6528A multifunction printers, our innovations offer ideal solutions for a wide range of businesses looking for a modern, cutting-edge multifunction printing system.

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