Toshiba and UPM Raflatec join forces to launch linerless printing experience

March 11, 2021

Toshiba and UPM Raflatac are pleased to announce they have entered into a European-wide collaboration. By joining forces, the companies are bringing to market a linerless print solution with Toshiba’s latest linerless printer technology and UPM Raflatac’s high performance linerless OptiCut label portfolio.

Customers can now take advantage of the tested and approved combination of Toshiba’s BV420D-GL linerless printer and UPM Raflatac’s OptiCut linerless label material for a quality printing experience.

With e-commerce being one of the fastest-growing sectors, the need for efficient and reliable processes to ensure all shipments are labelled correctly is increasing. The Toshiba-UPM Raflatac collaboration brings together technological know-how and expertise to support customers by creating sophisticated printing applications.

“E-commerce business is demanding flexible, efficient and sustainable solutions,” says Angel de Juan, General Manager, Auto ID Europe. “By partnering with UPM Raflatac we are able to offer our European customers a global linerless portfolio which is a perfect match for our newly launched linerless printer.”

“We have designed our OptiCut linerless label material range to meet the strictest efficiency requirements. It delivers clean cutting performance on the printer and an excellent adhesion on the package. Our OptiCut label materials and Toshiba linerless printers together have been proven to provide an excellent printing experience benefitting our clients,” says Jon Lenck, Director, New and Emerging Technologies, UPM Raflatac.


Our most advanced desktop linerless printer, with small footprint and intelligent design bringing simplicity and efficiency to the user experience. It’s robustness offers high quality print and performance rivalling the majority of mid-ranged printers.

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