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  • Press Release | Toshiba’s latest desktop printer range: BV400D series

Press Release | Toshiba’s latest desktop printer range: BV400D series

January 14, 2021

Outstanding design meets ultimate performance in Toshiba's latest desktop printer range

Toshiba Tec introduces the BV400D desktop printer series, incorporating Toshiba’s most advanced technology housed in the sleekest of case designs for the ultimate user experience.

Toshiba Tec, global provider of barcode printing solutions has unveiled its new BV400D thermal barcode printer series. With increased performance and durability these new desktop printers are the most powerful devices Toshiba has ever designed. The range consists of five different models, all with a small footprint, bringing simplicity and efficiency to sophisticated work environments and raising the user experience to the next level.

Device handling was one of the key focuses of the new series, making it as intuitive as possible for the user. During the development stage it was clear for Toshiba that simplicity should lead to a seamless user experience. As a result, the BV400D printer series has a sleek design that follows an ease-of-use approach. Display information is clear on the BV410D series and media replacement is easier than ever, so that the daily operation of the printer is as seamless as possible. On top of that the BV400D printers with their small footprint suit workplaces where space is at a premium.

The BV400D is a design collaboration between Toshiba Tec barcode & POS engineering. With the aim to develop a unique series of printers that meets the expectations of modern customers. These printers are incredibly versatile – the high-speed printers are ideal for transport and logistics where shipping labels are printed with an exceptionally reliable quality. With extended connectivity features, such as wireless printing, they are also the perfect match for the retail and food & beverages sectors - to name a few.” Deyon Antoine, Product Manager

The BV400D series seamlessly integrates into various IT environments through its multiple connection options and, being MFi certified, wireless connections also work together with iOS devices – making it an ideal product for the rapidly growing e-commerce sector. The new operating system enables the BV400D printers to be entirely controlled from handheld devices that run Toshiba apps on iOS, Android or Windows platforms. Toshiba supports a wide range of SDKs to develop unique workflow applications running on various systems such as Android and iOS. Additional functions like the simple receipt mode enable automatic saving of paper when using continuous material.

The BV400D series incorporates Toshiba technology that was previously exclusively reserved for mid-range or industrial printers only, such as smart LCD display for improved user experience or top of the class print speeds with up to 7 inches per second. The robustness of these new desktop printers means they can now offer high print quality and performance to rival most mid-ranged printers.

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