The features of a good RMM solution

January 1, 2020

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a requisite in today’s hyper-connected age. This tool will help your business monitor an IT network in real-time, flagging any issues, automating routine tasks, proactively managing your IT assets and providing 24/7 support.

Not all solutions are made equal. So, as a minimum, you should look for an RMM tool with the following features:

1. Deployment and scalability
You’ll want your RMM tool to easily deploy across your IT endpoints - and also scale with your business. Otherwise, your growth and future technology investments could be hindered.

2. Remote access or screen sharing
This will allow expert technicians to remotely connect to your systems. Which is more efficient and cost-effective compared to on-site visits and allows for rapid response times. 

3. Patch management
Patches should roll-out automatically based on policy settings. Your RMM tool should also automatically log a support ticket if any issues arise during installation.

4. Anti-malware and antivirus
With 42% of small to medium businesses (SMBs) experiencing a data breach in the last 12 months, cybersecurity is paramount. Your RMM solution should report any activities that aren’t the norm, such as updates failing to load or possible malware infection.

5. Remote software installation
The RMM must allow for the set-up of a script to install software across all devices, without having to manually connect to each one.

6. Hardware failure
When your hardware fails, you need a quick resolution. Your RMM should constantly monitor all of your hardware to proactively detect failures and automatically alert technicians.

7. Hardware and software auditing
By running an auditing report through the RMM, you can quickly see all devices, their warranty status, installed software and more.

8. Scheduled reboots
An effective RMM should allow you to schedule automatic reboots outside of office hours to minimise disruption to the working day and streamline the reboot process.

How to get started

Choosing the best RMM solution for your business isn’t a light decision. Take your time and trial a few options. It will ultimately lay the foundations for your ongoing success - so it doesn’t pay to skimp on your RMM.

To discover more about RMM and what it can do for your business, click below.

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