ScanSure the new barcode validation solution

Introducing ScanSure, a flexible verification-based validation solution for barcodes. Aimed at manufacturing companies, especially those in the food and beverage sectors, ScanSure checks product labels as they are being printed to ensure that the barcodes will scan perfectly every time.

Toshiba adds two new A4 colour MFPs to its e-BRIDGE Next family

Introducing the e-STUDIO400AC series

Adapting to change | Helping your HR teams

Many functions managed by an HR department are time-consuming and document-intensive. To help ease the administration burden and increase productivity, a document management system could be the solution.

Coronavirus Business Update

29 July 2020

How Barcoding Solutions help to support the Healthcare Sector in the current climate

The healthcare sector has experienced significant increased demand over the past months - but before this, pressure on the sector was already rising fast. The increase in the volume of patients and finite resources, means healthcare professionals are now looking to leverage technology, to improve efficiencies.