New generation high performance label printers from Toshiba

September 9, 2019

Introducing Toshiba's new BA400 mid-range barcode label printers which combine versatility and ease of use with robust construction and outstanding reliability. The new printers dramatically increase productivity by delivering print speeds of up to eight inches per second – a 25% increase over earlier models. In addition, they offer an exceptional range of connectivity options, making them easy to integrate in almost any workplace environment.

While they retain the renowned mechanical platform of their predecessors, BA400 series printers are next-generation devices that feature a powerful new processor complemented by an equally new operating system (OS). Among the many benefits this combination provides are multiple printer language emulations to enhance compatibility, and extensible OS architecture to guarantee a high degree of future-proofing. The new printers also benefit from Toshiba’s unique RFID technology which makes them ideal for a wide range of new applications across multiple industries.

Other key benefits include dual-band Wi-Fi capabilities, built-in Bluetooth functionality for easy integration with mobile Android and iOS applications, and support for Android NFC pairing to provide on-demand connections via Bluetooth. These features mean that users can easily and conveniently print to, control and configure BA400 printers using their Android mobile devices, as well as via conventional network connections.

There are currently two models in Toshiba’s BA400 range: the BA410 with its metal case is well suited for use in demanding manufacturing environments, while the BA420 with its small footprint and plastic case is ideal for workplaces where space is a premium, such as offices, retail and packaging operations. Both models are available with either 203 dpi or 300 dpi print resolutions.

All printers in the range are user-friendly: they incorporate Toshiba Common Graphic LCD screens, as well as convenient front access media loading. The printers are configured and maintained via a web interface, with support for the Microsoft Windows®, iOS and Android operating systems. Optional extras include cutter modules, peel-off modules, serial interface boards, Centronics parallel interface boards, wireless LAN modules, UHF RFID kits, expansion I/O boards, RTC (real time clock) modules and fanfold paper guides.

Toshiba’s barcode printers continue to deliver on the company’s commitment to collaborate with clients to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions that meet evolving workplace needs, now and into the future.


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