Through a strategic partnership with leading digital engagement platform and solutions provider SignStix®, Toshiba TEC can now help organisations communicate directly with employees, customers and visitors, by eliminating many of the perceived barriers to the adoption of digital engagement. The platform is used to build innovative digital experiences that enhance engagement and influence bottom lines.

The combination of SignStix’s cloud-based platform and software development expertise with Toshiba’s portfolio of innovative business solutions, support and systems integration services brings a new level of interaction to businesses in all vertical sectors.

SignStix’s® digital engagement platform, which comprises an intuitive signage content creation tool and management dashboard, can be delivered alongside Toshiba’s professional display screens, simplifying the delivery of this technology through a fully supported implementation process. A completely scalable cloud-based solution, on which it is possible to build ultra-high definition video walls of virtually any size or orientation that feature animations and interactive content.

The solution is particularly effective in reception areas and creates a professional and welcoming environment in which to make a positive first impression. A well-designed space is reflective of a company’s values and image and when a client enters a building they take everything in visually. Interior design, décor and lighting are all important, but a digital environment can enhance the visual experience. It is just as effective in open-plan office environments as a way to issue corporate messaging and information. Displaying notifications relating to events such as scheduled fire alarm tests, the location of emergency exits and evacuation procedures in a modern and visually stimulating way helps to create higher retention of this important information.