Remote Working Solutions from Toshiba

Investing in mobile-enabling technology is strategically important, now more than ever. Toshiba has a number of solutions that will empower your workforce to work remotely efficiently, effectively and safely from anywhere.

The concept of a mobile workforce goes beyond simply allowing your employees to work from home. As a first step, your mobile workforce strategy should consider your IT services, document management processes, and visual communication tools.

The global shutdown and social distancing measures drove a high majority of the workforce to work remotely where possible. 51% of employees in the UK have been asked to work from home. It’s vital that remote working network solutions are capable of handling what is required of them moving forward.

Better equip your workforce for remote working with Toshiba solutions

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This Insight outlines what your strategy should cover, and explores Toshiba’s offering - including a Home Working Solution, Mobile Device Management, process optimisation solutions and more.

Toshiba’s home working solution

Support and connect your team, regardless of their work location. Toshiba’s home working solution will:

  • Support employees remotely | connect to an employees device in seconds to troubleshoot issues.
  • Maximise security | remote connections are protected with no need for a VPN. Office devices are accessed remotely via a secure link.
  • Improve collaboration | share files without uploading them to the cloud and give the team the ability to access files from anywhere. A web conferencing feature also allows for face-to-face meetings.
  • Provide access to any device or program | access an unlimited number of remote devices and manage programs, files and apps over the internet.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) from Toshiba

A Mobile Device Management solution is essential when managing a remote workforce. Toshiba’s Mobile Device Management can help you quickly configure and secure your devices for enterprise use - all from a single screen. Gain the visibility you need with a solution from Toshiba.

Process optimisation solutions

Process management is essential when shifting to a mobile workforce. Organisations with remote workers will have to find ways to reduce the risks associated with remote working, as well as establish methods of tracking productivity and work quality.

Toshiba’s process optimisation portfolio offers greater visibility on core processes, accountability of process management and reduces bottlenecks in workflows. To enable seamless remote working, our portfolio is flexible with each element integrating easily into existing systems as well as working well as a standalone platform.

  • Document Management System (DMS) | this forms the central nervous system for information within any organisation. A well-managed DMS improves security whilst allowing for easy depositing and retrieval of information in a central hub. Toshiba’s DMS solution is powered by DocuWare.
  • Document Classification and Advanced Data Capture | When depositing documents and other information into a system it is important that these are classified accurately and consistently. Toshiba’s Document Classification and Capture solution is powered by ancoraDocs.
  • Digital Signatures | a digital signature solution provides safe and easy way to obtain digital signatures for your business; keep things moving and traceable outside of the physical office space. Toshiba’s digital signatures are powered by VIDsigner.

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