Improve Invoice Processing with Finance Automation

The modern workplace has placed a lot of pressure on finance teams. Often at a moment’s notice, financial leaders and their teams are expected to deliver key figures in order to gauge where the company stands within the market, and understand profitability and liquidity. Of course, this is only achievable if the core processes of accounts payable and accounts receivable are executed securely, in a timely manner and error-free.

Digitise your finance team with Toshiba and take great strides towards speeding up and strengthening financial processes, and get the data you need at your fingertips.

Toshiba works with finance and accounting teams to strengthen their financial processes through digitising and automating workflows. The right solutions will eliminate paper-based tasks and invoice processing costs by 50-80%. John Ruda, Head of Process Optimisation

Start your journey towards invoice automation and download our infographic

Download our infographic: The Case for Digitising your Processes
Changes in technology and the resultant expectations in the workforce are putting new and challenging demands on businesses information infrastructure. Our infographic shares insight into how digitising your finance team can improve invoice processing, reduce costs and also drive change throughout the rest of your business.

Digitising your finance team

Toshiba’s process optimisation consultants are experienced in transforming workflows in a financial context. They use expertly designed solutions to deliver:

  • Automatic capture and distribution of documents – collect, sort and store documents of any format and distribute them to the right people.
  • Digitally directed invoice approval – automate and accelerate business processes. Tasks migrate immediately from one employee to the next and keep processes flowing.
  • Compliance – securely store documents according to legal requirements.
  • Integration with financial accounting systems – optimisation software connects documents with SAP, Navision, QuickBooks and more.
  • Full control – get answers to questions like: when was an invoice recorded? Where is it now and who accessed it last?
  • Accessible information – call up invoices from a fiscal year in just a few seconds, search for specific invoices, and more.
We currently process between 80 and 90% of invoices using the paperless system, and all of the people involved have noticed a positive change – invoices are now being turned around in a day, which was something we could almost never achieve with our old paper-based systems. Caroline Gregory, Finance Director at Lion Hudson

Toshiba automates finance processes for businesses across the UK

Businesses that work with Toshiba transform the way they capture, manage, display and share information. Our offices are across the UK and led by experts with experience in working with a huge range of companies in both the private and public sector. Arrange a call with our process optimisation experts, and automate as much of your team’s repetitive work as possible in an auditable and compliant way.

Download our "digitising your processes" infographic

Our infographic outlines the benefits of digitising your finance processes.