AI Platform

Through AI Platform, we can provide intelligent analysis and understanding of incoming documents and digital correspondence, regardless of format and structure. It learns from the behaviour of expert users during information evaluation and processing with the goal to extract and enrich key information delivery to the appropriate business processes.  The product and solutions suite helps organisations make better decisions faster and frees up valuable time to seek new business opportunities. 


  • Save time, money and resources by automating information management processes
  • Handle all input channels in a single platform and in a single process
  • Improve quality and consistency of customer interactions
  • Automate business applications such as Digital Mailroom management, claims processing, customer onboarding, response management, invoice processing, expense management and more
  • In short, automate any repetitive text-based process

This intelligent platform is the key to automating business processes and improving customer experience in a progressively dynamic marketplace.

Note: AI Platform is only available through Toshiba directly.