Reduce printing costs and cut waste

Managing costs and reducing waste are two of the challenges businesses face today. One of the most effective ways to reduce costs and improve the productivity of network printing is with PaperCut MF.

PaperCut MF is an enterprise software solution which allows you to easily manage your print assets, collect usage data by location and device, identify inefficiency and implement cost recovery and allocation strategies to maximise your system productivity and return on investment.

PaperCut MF also adapts to the size of your network. The modern design and architecture of the software provides full scalability. So it does not make a difference if your network consists of a single server and has only a few users or whether a multi-server network with a large number of users - PaperCut MF adapts to your needs.

  • Control account, bill or charge every copy, print, scan and fax with ease
  • Manage copiers, printers and users from a modern web interface
  • Track environmental savings and benefits from the e-STUDIO RD30 eraser unit
  • Report usage and costs by page, by user, cost centre/department, device and function
  • Access devices via a log-in or ID/Access card
  • Enforce responsible use print policies, via applied rules, limits and auto-notifications
  • Secure confidential documents and release anywhere via Find Me print

Environmental Impact 

Reducing printing levels by changing a user's printing behaviour is one of the main aims of PaperCut, and by highlighting environnmental aspects of their activities can help modify their behaviour.

Environmental impact counters are shown to users when logging into the user web interface. Administrators can also view the impact of users or printers via the details pages in the admin interface.

The environmental impact counters may also be displayed in other locations, such as the sidebar in Windows Vista, or on an intranet page using the web widgets.

Case Studies

Hewitsons Solicitors - Combining Toshiba e-STUDIO devices with leading print management software PaperCut, provides Hewitsons with improved document workflow and a reduction in overall print costs.

Monmouthshire Housing Association - Optimising print and document management infrastructure streamlines workflows, minimises waste, and provides MHA with a vital way to control and monitor print based resources to achieve ongoing savings.