Nuance Equitrac

Nuance® Equitrac® Office - Intelligent print management for today’s business

Nuance® Equitrac® Office gives businesses the flexibility to let users print what they need and when they need it while reducing the costs and complexities of deploying a print infrastructure. It is the most intelligent way to print—reducing costs, making printing secure and increasing user satisfaction.

Nuance Equitrac® Express - Intelligent print management for educational organisations.

Nuance Equitrac® Express gives IT administrators the flexibility to let students, faculty and staff print what they need and when they need it, wherever they are located. At the same time, it helps to reduce total print output and costs, accurately allocate print costs, implement print quotas, and enable guest printing through pay-for-print.

With Hybrid Print ControlTM, Nuance Equitrac Office and Express delivers organisational versatility and control, and reduces IT complexities, by removing dependencies on print servers, print drivers and complex print fleets, all while managing every printed page in an organisation. As user requirements for printing change and IT infrastructure evolves, Nuance Equitrac Express lets you easily adapt to these changes with a unique choice of how to deploy printing—using print servers, direct IP printing or a hybrid model that includes both. This allows you to tailor your print environment according to the specific requirements that span across your establishment.

Nuance I-QueueTM - The intelligent print queue

Nuance I-QueueTM solves printing challenges by providing a single, intelligent print queue—for every user and every printer. When a user needs to print, they just select the Nuance I-Queue printer and can pick up the job at any printer using Nuance Equitrac Follow-You Printing®.

With Nuance I-Queue, print jobs are processed either using print servers or Nuance Equitrac workstation client software. Regardless of where a job is processed, Nuance I-Queue automatically detects the location of the user and validates that the native print driver is accessible to process the job correctly, every time. And all print activity is tracked by Nuance Equitrac, ensuring compliance with print policies and maximum contribution to cost reduction initiatives.