e-BRIDGE Open Platform Connectors

…to Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based document storage application, which allows for the storing of files on a dedicated secured internet site for easy access from any type of mobile device. Users can also share documents among several users and have these users edit the same document at the same time.

The Toshiba e-BRIDGE Open Platform connector to Google Drive, allows users to store documents in their personal Google Drive account directly from the Toshiba Multifunction Product (MFP), taking advantage of the embedded User Interface to check and edit the document before its uploaded.

  • Scan via the Cloud into your Google Drive account
  • Access your Google Drive account directly from the Toshiba MFP touchscreen
  • Store your paper documents for easy access with mobile devices
  • Share documents amongst your team
  • Preview, zoom and edit the document with your fingertip via the embedded User Interface

…to Microsoft Exchange

With the Toshiba connector to Microsoft® Exchange®, your Toshiba MFP integrates into your email workflow allowing you to handle your paper documents as if you were sending them from your computer.

Without any additional hardware, you have secure access via the MFP authentication and can select your Outlook folder as the email destination. Emails sent via the MFP are automatically archived in the Outlook Sent folder and can, if necessary, be edited at a later stage.

  • Enables Outlook policies to be enforced by connecting to the Exchange workflow
  • Select your outlook folders as email destination
  • Synchronise your scanned documents in the sent folder of your email account
  • Intuitive embedded User Interface to check and modify the scanned document on the MFP control panel prior to sending
  • Security-enhanced – the user is required to log on to the device so usage can be tracked

…to Microsoft SharePoint

The Toshiba connector to Microsoft® SharePoint® opens a new world in terms of document archiving and sharing. The full integration of SharePoint® in the scan function of your MFP allows you to increase your document workflow efficiency.

  • Browse your SharePoint® folders on the MFP control panel
  • Increased security thanks to sophisticated access control
  • Simply index dedicated fields to manage and retrieve scanned documents
  • Preview and edit your documents on the MFP touchscreen