Cloud Fax

In partnership with Retarus, we're pleased to be able to provide you with Fax-Services for Desktops, which allows you to send faxes from Exchange platforms, Lotus Notes, MS Office or any other Windows applications effectively without having to operate your own fax server. Inbound fax messages can be delivered to any email inbox, integrated into existing workflow systems, or archived.

With the Retarus Cloud Fax service, your company has unlimited fax capacity for your business critical communications - with no need for extra investment in hardware, software, maintenance, licensing or telephone lines

  • Efficient faxing with seamless integration into all email clients and Office environments.
  • Cloud fax service with unlimited transmission and reception capacity.
  • Quick implementation and easy to operate - with no outlay for training.
  • Transparent processes with detailed reporting, powerful analysis and simplified billing.
  • Future-proof technology due to continual development, with updates and enhancements included.