Managed IT Services to support your business

To run an effective business today, technology is essential. However, you also need to keep your IT systems secure and running efficiently - which can quickly become burdensome for in-house IT teams. With our Managed IT Services, we remove the stress and day-to-day pressure of keeping your IT infrastructure operating and your user community looked after, enabling your IT team to focus on frontline, strategic priorities. Our expert team will work as an extension of your own, listening to, and understanding, your organisation’s unique requirements - so you can rest assured that your IT system is reliable, resilient and tailored to your exact needs.

Secure. Helpful. Expert.

Securing your business | Cybersecurity threats are ever-evolving and adapting to challenge, and these mounting risks are having a serious negative impact on IT infrastructure, be it risk of loss of data, reputational harm, loss of productivity, or cost of repair. We have the right protection to ensure your organisation is protected from these threats.

Helping your business run smoothly | Everything we do is centred around the unique needs of your business, helping you build and maintain a resilient IT infrastructure - providing you the support and services only where it’s needed.

Providing you additional expertise | Our IT Services capability allows us to manage key infrastructure and remove this burden from under resourced teams, as well as providing additional support for regulatory compliance if required.

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Note: IT Services are only available through Toshiba directly.