Helping you deliver information quickly, effectively and securely

It is our belief that we should be able to make recommendations that are sympathetic to your real business challenges, and are specific to the Legal sector in which you operate. We develop expertise and knowledge that help you make relevant, beneficial decisions for the betterment of your goals. We understand the unique nuances of your market and apply this knowledge when developing a strategy for any aspect of our business solutions portfolio.

Today law firms face an increasing amount of pressure. The average chargeable fee per house is falling, forcing firms to reduce operating costs in an effort to remain competitive and profitable. 82% of law firms believe IT is a source of competitive advantage within the market*. We agree with them and have developed a portfolio of solutions specifically to assist law firms in delivering all forms of information quickly, effectively and securely to fee earners and clients.

Investment in IT is not just about having the latest and the best, it is about introducing solutions within budget that integrates with your back-end systems and complement your current business processes. Toshiba has an expansive portfolio of solutions and services for the legal sector. Enabling firms to increase their fee-earners’ billable hours whilst ensuring they exceed targets and making sure casework is handled at optimum speed and accuracy, with as little dependency on repetitive manual tasks as possible. This will serve to reduce the overall workload burden being handled by the firm and encourage agility to deliver growth in today’s market.

Toshiba’s consultants will work as a partner to you, helping you prioritise which organisational pain points to tackle, based on real ROI and impacts to case handling times.

Our Legal Services

Managed Document Services
Our core principles of burden removal, first class service delivery with an extended portfolio relevant to the legal sector, puts professional document handling at the centre of your firm, without the associated hassle of managing the surrounding infrastructure and resources.

Automation and Integration
We have the ability to automate any repetitive text-based process, from claims handling in insurance law, to invoice processing in your finance department, to help improve productivity and reduce costs.

Digital Mailroom/Email Handling
Managing the inflow and outflow of both digital and paper based information can be a challenge. Our solutions automate business processes, manage responses to any type of input and optimise customer service workflows,

Managed File Transfer
With an increasing push towards the electronic transfer of information, Toshiba offers Managed File Transfer which delivers secure rapid file transfer and can be licenced on a user/enterprise level.

RFID - Track and Trace
With the challenge of managing both digital and paper based information, we can implement document tracking, from simple barcode labeling through to fully integrated RFID solutions.

General Office Administration: With the breadth of products in the Toshiba portfolio, we can propose solutions to improve efficiencies and reduce costs for general office administration printing.

*RBS - A Perspective on the Legal Market, April 2014