Hewitsons endorses latest printing technology

March 9, 2015

Combining Toshiba e-STUDIO devices with leading print management software PaperCut, provides Hewitsons with improved document workflow and a reduction in overall print costs.

With offices in Cambridge, Northampton and Milton Keynes, Hewitsons is one of the UK’s leading law firms, and works with individuals, businesses, charities and not-for-profit organisations of all shapes and sizes across a diverse range of sectors. With a reputation for its modern and friendly approach, the company has the size and depth of resources, combined with innovative approaches to client service, to ensure delivery of a quality service that comprehensively meets its clients’ legal requirements.

Maintaining these high levels of service is facilitated by a modern administrative infrastructure that includes the latest scan, copy and print technology. Hewitsons has been a customer of Toshiba TEC UK Imaging Systems for a number of years and recently decided to upgrade its portfolio of multifunction products (MFPs) and print management software to meet the changing requirements of its operations.

‘Our previous MFPs were coming to the end of their life,’ says Anna Jennings, Senior IT Administrator at Hewitsons. ‘Due to the nature of our business, our MFPs are used extensively, so we wanted an upgrade that would offer the reliability we have come to expect from Toshiba TEC. Additionally, we also wanted to take advantage of the latest software that could help us reduce our overall print costs and help minimise the amount of waste paper produced.’

After discussing the various options with John Winchester, Regional Sales Manager at Toshiba TEC, it was decided that the e-STUDIO5540C would form the majority of the new portfolio, along with a number of e-STUDIO4540C devices. Winchester states, ‘The e-STUDIO5540C colour MFP is a comprehensive control centre for a modern and efficient digital document workflow. Its embedded e-BRIDGE technology enhances workgroups and departments with applications that go beyond the scope of classic print, scan, copy and fax. Its flexibility and reputation as a “workhorse” made it the perfect choice for Hewitsons, while the e-STUDIO4540C perfectly complements the e-STUDIO5540C and can operate at 45 pages per minute in black and white and 45 pages per minute in colour.’

To ascertain the effectiveness of this solution, a three-week trial was undertaken using two MFPs – one e-STUDIO5540C and one e-STUDIO4540C. These were located in one of the busiest departments in Cambridge and were assessed for ease-of-use and functionality. After receiving unanimously positive reports, over 20 of the devices were then rolled out across the three sites, beginning with Cambridge, before moving on to Milton Keynes and Northampton. The number of MFPs has also been reduced, with the most noticeable difference being in the Northampton office, which, due to the strategic placement of the MFPs, now has just five devices instead of 16. This saves Hewitsons money in terms of maintenance and general operating costs.

For many organisations, waste from documents left uncollected at the printer can equate to 30 per cent of all printing, causing concern for revenue margins. Hewitsons was no exception and its reliance on printing meant that despite its efforts to print less and move towards a paperless office, waste paper was still an issue that needed to be addressed.

The use of Private Print – a standard function on Toshiba TEC’s MFPs that allows users to send a job to the print queue and release it via a PIN – made an immediate impact at Hewitsons. However, John Winchester was convinced that the introduction of PaperCut’s industry leading pull printing technology to the 23 MFPs across the estate would offer extra benefits, as it facilitates the tracking of printing, copying and scanning activities by user, device or department.

Winchester explains, ‘By effectively controlling waste and facilitating business process improvement, pull printing allows someone to send an item to be printed, which joins a print queue. The user then presents their Mifare card to access their documents via any chosen networked MFP, thereby keeping their documents secure and enhancing confidentiality. Users also have the ability to delete a specific print job if necessary and PaperCut has been proven to help organisations reduce costs by up to 60 per cent.’

By collecting data via a print server it lets administrators monitor usage patterns and costs, and take appropriate action when necessary. The ability to implement quotas and restrict where certain types of printing can take place has been proven to facilitate significant cost savings.

Operational cost reductions are also in-built, as the e-STUDIO MFPs comply with Toshiba TEC’s strict environmental policy by incorporating innovative features such as a toner recycling system, which ensures absolutely no toner goes to waste. Additionally, as part of its pioneering Carbon Zero Scheme, the company guarantees that all carbon emissions produced during the manufacture of each MFP are entirely offset.

The MFPs have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on document management at Hewitsons and Anna Jennings believes that what has been achieved exceeded all expectations. She concludes, ‘The amount of waste paper has dropped dramatically since the introduction of the new devices with PaperCut software. To cap it all off, the MFPs are a pleasure to use and on the rare occasions we’ve needed it, the service and support from the team at Toshiba TEC has been first class.’