A healthy solution

February 17, 2017

Medical practices up and down the country are under ever-increasing pressure to become leaner and more efficient whilst maintaining high quality patient services with a human touch. So when the staff at Kirkstall Lane Medical Centre were approached by DOCEX360, a Toshiba TEC partner, they were excited to find that this was a business solutions provider that could fill the prescription for cost-savings combined with versatile and effective document production and management.

An Experienced Hand

Experienced print management company, DOCEX360 offers a unique blend of IT, software, workflow and document management solutions. The company specialises in providing a smooth and seamless link between the physical operations of document handling and printing and the digital world, while always guaranteeing data security – which is crucial for medical facilities dealing with sensitive patient files.

When DOCEX360 approached the Kirkstall Lane Medical Centre, it found that this local NHS GP practice was in need of a cost-effective, reliable and secure multifunction printing (MFP) solution. The centre’s existing systems were nearing their end of life and they needed constant maintenance, which was beginning to affect the smooth running of the centre.

“Our patients rely on us for a safe and caring service, so excellent technical support and a reliable and intuitive product were the key requirements we were looking for in a new MFP”, explained Practice Manager Simon Boycott. “We also wanted improved features, particularly network-based solutions like scanning to file, in an easy-to-use package.”

A healthy solution

After carefully assessing the business and administration needs of the Kirkstall Lane Medical Centre, Ben Hall, a director of DOCEX360, decided that a versatile high-performance MFP from Toshiba TEC would provide the most flexible and cost-effective solution.

DOCEX360 recommended the e-STUDIO3505AC for Kirkstall Lane Medical Centre. With its intuitive tablet-style touch screen user interface, tasks such as scanning to email, printing duplicates and archiving can be completed in an instant and customisable home screens allow users to complete the most frequent tasks with just one touch. Bringing the focus back to the patient.

Combined with the built-in Toshiba Secure Hard Disk Drive (HDD) all patient data stays protected, with all data being wiped at the first sign of unauthorised access.

“When we visit a potential customer, irrespective of the sector they operate in, we look at all areas of the business”, said Ben Hall. “We strive to understand their challenges and offer a tailored solution that will stand the test of time.”

After the initial implementation was complete, the staff at the centre found the Toshiba TEC MFP easy to use, with the advanced features saving vital time.

“We are delighted with Toshiba TEC products, from both functionality and cost standpoints,” he continued, “and I would also recommend DOCEX360 without reservation. All of the company’s processes, from sales through delivery, installation and right up to aftersales support have been faultless.”