How-to Videos

Learn more about some of the exciting key features of our e-BRIDGE Next models with our How-to Tutorials - videos to help you save time and be more efficient:

  1. Job Build - Create a document from different sources
  2. Saving and Recalling Job Templates - Learn how to create and recall templates for re-occurring jobs
  3. Multi Station Print - Ideal for busy office environments where many users share multiple printing systems
  4. Private Print - Ensure confidential documents do not fall into the wrong hands
  5. Embedded OCR - Convert paper documents into editable formats
  6. Cloud Applications - Scan to cloud storage
  7. Scan to Email with Large File Sizes - For internal emails with large attachments, use the Scan-to-URL feature
  8. Mobile Printing - Print from your smartphone or tablet directly to your Toshiba MFP
  9. Banner Printing - Learn how to print banners on your Toshiba MFP
  10. Saving and Recalling a Print Profile - Create individual profiles to save time for frequently printed jobs with specific print settings

To view the How-To Video Tutorials, click here.