Our Authorised Business Partners

Toshiba’s Indirect Channel is a key component of our route to market and vital for our future growth. However, it is not our strategy to continually on-board new dealerships with no regard for how they fit into the national picture and the evolution of our strategy.

You see, it is equally important that each new partner (and they are treated as exactly that) has an opportunity to flourish as a result of their relationship with Toshiba. We are keen to avoid saturating local markets or encouraging unnecessary competition in a crowded industry.

Like all true partnerships the obligations run both ways too. Our focus is on helping our Authorised Partners to grow their businesses, become more profitable and stand out from the crowd. We do this through access to technical training, marketing resources, and a solutions portfolio that covers hardware, software, consultancy and services across all pillars of Toshiba’s technology offering. Our Business Partner Managers will be at hand for advice, strategic planning or “in the moment” assistance. We can provide access to education for salespeople, access to our C-Suite for knowledge transfer and ideas sharing and help with the delivery of market-leading services to your customers.

In return we fully expect our partners to operate in accordance with our values, primarily the commitment to Always Doing the Right Thing. We will want to understand your strategy for the years ahead, understand your business plan and discuss in detail why you see Toshiba as a good fit to support your growth. If your main goal is a low price point then we will not be the right partner for you. However, if sustainable growth is your aim, we can help you achieve this if you are prepared to embrace the spirit of partnership that we will bring to you.

If this sounds like the kind of partnership that would suit your ambitions and you’d like to discuss in more detail, please send us your details by completing the form below: