Meet our Team

Our people are central to our success and we place great value on everyone's contribution.  Read below to find out some first-hand information of individual experiences of working with us.

John, Professional Services, 40 years
Technology is my interest, working at Toshiba means always having new technology to work with, being part of bringing new and innovative products to the consumer gives me a sense of achievement, and as this happens at least every 6 to 12 months means you are always working on projects which offers great variety week in and week out means boredom never happens. My particular job role allows me to converse with colleagues from around the world, learning how people from other countries think, communicate and also their culture has given me the opportunity to broaden the mind, this is the benefit of working for a worldwide organisation.

Chris, Service, 16 years
I enjoy working for Toshiba due to the companies ambitions matching my own and the effective teamwork that happens daily in order to achieve customer satisfaction. In my career at Toshiba I have progressed from Service Technician to Regional Service Manager and I enjoy encouraging others to achieve the same career development. 

Rita, Customer Relations, 11 months
I believe that Toshiba is a global innovative company who care about their staff well-being. Within my role I am supported by my colleagues and manager, working together to achieve the same goals. I enjoy my role as it is extremely varied and challenging, where I am having to think on my feet and problem solve. During my time working for Toshiba I have had the opportunity to meet and work with people from different divisions and backgrounds, which has allowed me to grow with knowledge and experience.

Richard, Logistics, 29 years
Toshiba is a well-respected Global brand that has a high level of ethical standards. However, despite being a large global corporate organisation it manages to keep the customer as the primary focal point and has never forgotten those that have got us where we are today…the customer. My role never stands still. We as a company are always looking for improvements and change has been an ongoing process since the day I started 29 years ago. It certainly keeps you on your toes even if my hair has gone grey in that time.