Capture and Workflow

Multiple input channels can cause a deluge of data flowing into your business. By implementing capture and workflow solutions, you can manage this with ease: classify content, extract key information and route it to the most appropriate people to handle, digitising where necessary.

By investing time and effort into understanding your workflows, we can identify the right solution to enable your business documents to be captured intelligently as structured data through an automated process.

Incoming data streams can be integrated with existing systems and processes, with paper and electronic documents captured and delivered securely to business applications.

  • Secure data capture
  • Mobile capture
  • Omni-channel input
  • Standardise handling methods
  • Digital transformation
  • Customise workflows
  • Support regulation compliance
  • Scalable and adaptable

In partnership with Kodak Alaris, Toshiba provides a suite of capture and information management solutions all designed to integrate incoming documents and data with existing systems and processes and prevent the inefficient flow of paper impacting your business. We have market-leading solutions for distributed or centralised capture and using best of breed technology can handle unstructured content with ease, reducing per case cost and increasing the level of automation and productivity.

Info Input

The flexibility to scan as you like.
The flexibility to deploy as you like.

Secure browser-based thin client document capture solution ideal for any organisation seeking to leverage investments in existing backend ECM infrastructure, business applications or databases. It eliminates the need for expensive thick client infrastructure and deployment.


  • Automatically captures, classifies and extracts information
  • No requirement for Middleware to bridge the gap between scanner and browser for image processing
  • Lowers hardware costs and ongoing maintenance
  • Allows developers to use APIs to integrate and embed scanning functionality directly into line of business applications