Toshiba’s Business Services team focus on solving business challenges through the application of solutions designed to solve business problems. We are skilled at working with organisations of scale and magnitude and our consultants are all specialists in their chosen fields of expertise.

All organisations across all sectors face an increasing amount of burden managing document and data lifecycles within their organisations. Quite often different document or data types are managed by different processes or using standalone systems, causing a variety of problems.

Typical Issues  Toshiba Client Environment 
 Cost and time leakage  Automated processes for repetitive tasks
 Paper intensive workflows  True visibility across all data and systems
 Increasing headcount to remain agile  Consistent approach to document handling
 Lack of integration between systems  Controlled expenditure
 Replicated effort and investment  More surplus for frontline activities
 No central visibility of key data  Paper removed at the door
 Complicated process for simple tasks  Big data leveraged to commercial advantage
 Demoralised end users  Motivated workforce
 Poor customer experience  Happy customers
 High cost base and over investment  Robust service delivery
 Missed revenue opportunities  Burden removed from client resources
 Poor service delivery  No technology provision for its own sake
 Pressure on central resources  Reduced work handling times
 Multiple suppliers  Multi-Channel approach to communications
 Poor transaction management  Professional information management

Very often we see our clients have invested in single point IT solutions which solve particular problems but by their isolated nature contribute inadvertently to the overall issue.

Our goal is to work with our clients to create lasting strategy that tackles these challenges, simplifies working methods, takes time out of processes, empowers key workers and delivers money back into front line activities.

Our Business Services Portfolio contains an array of products, services and solutions that help us to do this and enable our clients to bring all workflows into one, centrally managed, enterprise level approach and deliver maximum opportunity for burden removal from customer resources.

Business Services