About Toshiba Tec

We are Toshiba Tec UK Imaging Systems, part of the globally operating Toshiba Tec Corporation, active in various high-tech industrial sectors. A leading supplier of information technology, our aim is to help companies become more profitable, efficient and eco-friendly by transforming the way information is captured, managed, displayed and shared. As part of a trusted and widely respected global network, we offer unrivalled expertise and an innovative range of technology, ensuring this technology is fully integrated and seamlessly streamlined by offering a range of workplace solutions.

With offices across the UK and a team of specialists who can travel nationwide, we’ve built lasting relationships with a huge range of companies in both the private and public sector.

We know that knowledge is power and believe that only by using information efficiently can a company fully realise its potential. We exist solely to make this happen. And we make that possible through an integrated portfolio of products and services, all of which reflect our commitment to the future of the planet.

Our commitment

Creating our products with pride and passion.
Keeping our customers in mind all the time and everywhere.

Monozukuri is the ongoing process of creating new values realised in quality products and services that exceed customer expectations by applying superior proprietary technology and knowledge nurtured over long years.

We aim to provide timely products and services with reliable quality and functions as well as high user-friendliness, creating value with our customer in mind through our superior proprietary technology and in collaboration with the world's best partners.

We want to foster an open and healthy corporate culture in which a strong professional team may tirelessly seek new challenges, by respecting the individuality of each employee, striving to promote each one's abilities, and implementing a fair and appropriate system of evaluation and rewards.

We seek to contribute toward the development of a global society as a good corporate citizen, law-abiding and ethical, by fulfilling our responsibilities toward each country and community in which we operate and respecting local culture and history.

We put concern for the environment as a priority in all our business activities so as to protect people's safety and health as well as the world's natural resources.

We endeavour to maximise our corporate value, and on the basis of sound and transparent management, we strive to achieve appropriate profits and reserves, constantly seek to implement management innovation and energetically invest in research and development, among others, in order to meet the expectations of our shareholders.

Our history

Innovation is our passion

Toshiba has developed numerous pioneering electric and electronic products that represented firsts of their kind in Japan or anywhere in the world. It all started in 1875 with the establishment of Tanaka Seizo-sho, Japan's first manufacturer of telegraphic equipment. Its founder, Hisashige Tanaka (1799 - 1881), was well known from his youth for inventions that included mechanical dolls and a perpetual clock. Under the name Shibaura Seisaku-sho, his company became one of Japan's largest manufacturers of heavy electrical apparatus.

In 1890, Hakunetsu-sha & Co., Ltd. was established as Japan's first plant for electric incandescent lamps and evolved as a manufacturer of consumer products. In 1899, the company was renamed Tokyo Denki. In 1939, these two companies merged to form an integrated electric equipment manufacturer, Tokyo Shibaura Denki (Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd.). The company was soon well known as 'Toshiba,' which became its official name in 1978.

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